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Monday, February 11, 2008

A Phat Night of Poetry

One of my newest hats is that of Event Producer. This was my first time producing an event with the name attached to it. It was called Phat Poetry, and it was an evening dedicated to Big Beautiful Women, Big Handsome Men, and those that love them. There was supposed to be a mix of men and women poets, but the men all seemed to have reservations about performing. But my lovely plus size sisters came through and set the stage on FIRE!

I am so proud of them. It was wonderful to have my family--both blood related, church family, work family, etc.--in the house to witness my first event. It went smoothly, although I see plenty of room for improvement. I am very excited to start working on the next one.

That was the best of times for me. The worst of times came from this lady on MySpace. But even that is not breaking my spirit.

To my family, Miss Gale, Denise, Tiffany, Tanisha, Tyrone, all of those who were in attendance, and to my lovely ladies: Raqui, Lara Frater, LaShawnda Jones, Corinna Makris, LaToya Bosworth, Renee Jennings, Lynx Garcia, and our MC for the evening Erica Watson: THANK YOU for believing in me and the idea of Phat Poetry.


Blogger Glen said...

Congrats on your first event...hopefully you will have the chance to host many more.

6:06 AM  

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