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Sunday, January 06, 2008

Fresh From The Oven

In speaking to one of my dear online friends, Glen, I mentioned to him that I have been thinking about moving into a new format.

Pearlie: i don't know why this blog idea is in my head so much
Glen: becasue you see the benefit of bakery fresh information transmission
Pearlie: LOL

Glen has several blogs (we call him Captain Blog Man) that range in topics from plus size information to plus size modeling, to travel, and his own personal blog. And he is doing VERY well in his blogging. I have tried my hand at blogging personally before and when I was in the zone, did pretty well. Then I decided to focus my attention more on B-N. That and, well, I haven't had much to blog about since I let v1.0 of the blog die on a personal level.
Still...having wonderful inspiration from both Glen and the great folks at Clutch (I heart them so much right now...I might have to email Ms. Sutton and ask her in the most gracious and humble way I know how to serve as my mentor. 'Cuz everyone needs one.) is pushing me in that direction. I know B-N as a concept could move over to a blog format and done correctly, could be a big thing. Mostly because B-N isn't just fashion. We aren't just size acceptance. We have always been all that and more.
I definitely have some thinking and planning to do. I did notice that NYU School of Continuing and Professional Studies has continuing education courses on new media. I keep hemming and hawwing about grad school. NYU's Master of Science in Publishing is exactly what I want in terms of learning the magazine business and getting some good contacts. But their Certificate in Publishing is something that I can start working on NOW, while I start my prep courses for the evil GRE.

Everything worth having is worth fighting for. So the battle begins now...


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