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Sunday, April 09, 2006

A Weighty Issue

Lately I have been running across a lot of BBWs who aren't happy being BBWs. One of my closet friends is a BBW, but she is eagerly trying to lose weight--much to the discontent of her boyfriend, an avid BBW Admirer. Another friend of mine, a model, is trying to lose weight as well in hopes of getting more castings for "fit plus models" i.e. a size 16, but just thick and not flabby. Another friend of mine was so happy when wanted to place ads on his pro-BBW site. When I questioned his maybe sending a mixed message and maybe turning some folks off by having diet information on a BBW site, he assured me that for those few who were turned off, there would be many more that either wouldn't care , or would be interested in finding out more about e-diets (which is what he is hoping for financially speaking).

I myself am going through my own personal battles with my weight in terms of what steps I should take from this point out. The business woman in me says that it might be best to just continue on as I have trying to eat less and move more all the while keeping myself--well--fat. After all, what would it look like for a founder of a website and other enterprises catered towards big beautiful women to lose weight and NOT be a BBW herself? My heart, however, is singing a different song. It is telling me that she is tired of lugging around all of this extra weight, tired of not being comfortable in all situations and settings. Tired of worrying about whether I will fit in a seat. Tired of getting tired going up three flights of stairs. Tired of not being able to wear the cute designer clothing that other women wear. Tired of not feeling like I am being completely ME.

I've made some decisions about where I want to go as far as my weight. I am willing to do what I need to do in order to be healthy and happy. It is something that I will discuss with a few people who are near and dear to me. I worry about losing some, but I know that the people who truly care about me will support me in any decisions I make.

I just wonder this: if we call ourselves Big Beautiful Women, but are constantly trying to lose weight and get smaller, then do we really consider ourselves beautiful? Or are there more BBWs out her faking the funk than we think?


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