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Thursday, December 20, 2007

Where is the Love?

I had my first offical fender bender today. Usually that probably is not something someone would want to blog about, but it is the events surronding the event that have me wondering--where is the love?
Long story about the accident itself,cut short: I was turning into my lane, a woman in a red Dodge Durango tried to jump into my lane because she sees that my lane is clear and without putting her signal on, proceeds to change lanes, hitting the side of my car in the process and putting a huge gash along the entire passenger side of my car with the grill gaurd of her Durango.
Now, this woman happend to be Latina. Which shouldn't mean anything. But what struck me was that a Latino man when the accident first happened and she hops out of her big ol' truck to start berating me, pulled over to find out if SHE was okay. Two tow truck drivers--both Latino--pulled over to see if SHE was okay. They looked at me like I was some dirt on the bottom of her shoe and kept it moving.
And what did my Brothers driving by do? Flip me the finger, yell at me saying "Pull the F*** over, B****!" and "Learn how to drive, B****!" and other things that made me feel even lower than the dirt on the bottom of my own shoe, let along anyone else's. No less than five black men had something very insulting to hurl in my direction as we sat there waiting for the police to come and take the offical accident report. Do I understand that because our fender bender was blocking a lane, we forced traffic to have to merge? Of course. But there were plenty of white faces, black female faces, that drove by without so much as glancing in our direction.
I'm not even going to get into the fact that the two cops that came to the scene were Latino and decided that all of a sudden, the traffic rule I was following for this specific moment was "technically" wrong. *rollin' em*
I know this is going to come across like I have a serious problem with the Latino population. I usually really don't. Today, I truly did. But more because I wished that the solidarity that they showed each other, some of my brothers driving by might have shown me.
Can a sistah get some love? Froms someone? Damn.


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