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Saturday, April 15, 2006

@ Random 4::15::06

The Amazin' Streak Ends my Mets finally lost a game. We are still 8-2 on this young baseball season. That is the best start my squad has had in about 20 years. And that other team in NY? I don't think that are even at .500 yet. Perhaps the winds of change are finally blowing through Flushing, NY. Our pitching (save for today) is looking amazing (no pun intended). And we finally have an offensive line-up that is doing some real damage at the plate. Granted, it is early in the season, but I am looking forward to a minimum of a division title this season for my squad. That's right. I said it. A MINIMUM of a NL East title for My Mets (sorry Braves fans, but your reign at the top is over).

In Justice
In Harlem, a few weeks ago, four Black young men chased a white NYU student down a busy street as they tried to rob him. The NYU student ended up running into traffic, and getting struck and killed by a car. The four black youths were arraigned as adults, and were going to be charged with 2nd degree murder as adults. Today, the court ordered that they be charged as youths, which means that they face a five year maximum sentence if convicted as opposed to a nine to fiftenn year sentence. While I know that I cannot possibly understand what the parents of both the NYU student and the black youths are going through in all of this mix, I must say that I am glad that they are not being charged as adults. It seems to me that we need to be focusing on why these young boys thought it would be fun on a weekend afternoon to chase the young man and try to rob him as opposed to doing something more constructive with their time. Reportedly, the young boys, ages 13 and 15 respectively, are all A students in their schools. So why would these A students be out trying to steal someone's cell phone? I'm not saying they should get away scott free, I just think more examination of this situation is needed.

Grown and Sexy, Revisited
Finally got my hair done. It is in two strand twists that are a lighter brown than my normal hair color. I will post pics of me and the new 'Do in all of my Easter finery. Won't promise it will be tomorrow night. But I will post a pic or two for those that care (like there are dozens of you reading this blog LOL!)

I'm off to iron my Easter dress and get my bag and shoes laid out for tomorrow! Chat with y'all again soon!


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