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Friday, April 25, 2008

Same Stuff...Different Day...


I have no words. Not Today. It would just be a curse-ladden tirade that would begin with the words: "This is some straight up bullsh*t!" And I like to believe that my parents paid for my education so I can express myself more eloquently than that. Still....*sighs*....

Update: I posted this in the comments section of A Belle In Brooklyn's page in response to her post. She summed up what I was feeeling. What I am STILL feeling.

I really tried to blog about this. But I couldn't without it being just this tirade of "f*cking bullsh*t" and "sorry a$$ muthaf*cking cops", etc.

I was hoping for the best, but already knew what was coming down the pipeline. As I stated on my page: Same Stuff. Different Day.

We've now gone past the "racist" cop arguement. Now, this is a perceived class and economic status issue. Did you hear the way the PBA head talked about how they'd "had their eye on that Club Kalua" as if to say that well, they must have known what a slummy club it was, so they shouldn't have been there. But since they were, we assumed they were part of the slum.

Ugh. I can't. I really just can't...being a native New Yorker? I'm really just sick and tired of the bullsh*t that the some members of the NYPD get away with From cold-blooded murder all the way down to pulling folks over for Driving While Black.

I wonder what kind of tragedy has to happen between cops and a civilian in NYC for someone to say "what a damn minute! enough is enough!" Because as much as I was hoping this was it?



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