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Monday, March 31, 2008

How Many Readers Do *You* Have?

One question that I have increasingly received since I turned Belle-Noir into a blog is “How many readers do you have?” I tend to laugh when I receive it as the response to the question of "can I interview you for my site?"

I know it matters what your readership is. You can have the flyest blog around, but if only your mama, 1st cousin and Lil' June Bug read it every day, chances are, no one will ever hear about how wonderful it is. Every blogging expert around talks about how to increase your readership and all of the tips and tricks of the trade. I have been following them as well for the Belle-Noir blog, and some of them do seem to be working.

However, my honest opinion of the question—especially when it comes from another aspiring plus company is “does it really matter?” Either you are going to do the interview or you are not. I could only have 50 people who come to the site on a constant basis, but of those 50, 20 might be big timers in the industry. I could have thousands of people who read the blog, but none of them could have the power to move your business anywhere.

There is no such thing as bad publicity. Whether the audience is 50 or 50,000, any interview that you choose to do will be beneficial down the line. Of course I am praying for the day that what I am doing with Belle-Noir is worthy enough to be featured in The Daily News or some trendy magazine. But when start-ups like myself ask to interview me, I have in the past and will continue to say "Sure!"

Just an observation and rant for today....


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