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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

When It All Falls Down...

As a native New Yorker, I was only mildly disappointed in now former governor Eliot Spitzer when the scandal broke about his alleged participation in a prostitution ring. It is a scene that has played out far too often as of late in the eyes of the public. The woefull politician, coming to the podium to admit his wrong-doing, with his violated wife standing by his side.

Unlike other wives, however, Silda Spitzer looked like she was ready to take him for every penny he has. Or worse, make sure that their teenage daughters have nothing to do with him again until they are 18 and can decide the matter for themselves.

I have had the debate with several people over the past day or so about why I was so quick to let men like Bill Clinton "slide" but wanted the book thrown at Spitzer. The answer really is simple. While all of them--Clinton, McGreevy--conducted themselves with behavior that was certainly morally wrong, their affairs were simply that: affairs with consenting adults. Spitzer involvement with the prostitution ring was illegal. Not only that, but he laundered the money in an attempt to hide his dirty little trysts. For the illegality (is that a word?) of his actions, Mr. Spitzer, had to step down from the position of governor.

In the meantime, New York State, in the wake of all of the maylay, now has a new governor--and wouldn't you know it...

David Paterson is not only the first Black governor of the Empire State, but he is also the first legally blind one.

A Black man in control of one of the most popular states in the nation (is that a biased opinion? yes!) Can a Black man being in control of the entire nation be far behind?

I will have to blog on that another day...


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