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Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Feast or Famine

My life is very much like this: either everything is going on and all within a few weeks of each other, or nothing is going on for l-o-n-g stretches of time.

The new site is up and running (yay!) and is flowing exactly the way that I wanted it to for this first week. We will see what happens next week. LOL!

I want so much to blog about Belle in Brooklyn's post re: thriving vs. surviving. Because I am completely surviving right now as opposed to completely thriving. But I fear it will have to wait for at least a week. I have meetings, event planning, events, and more site things to work on. And all, seemingly, between now and March 15th. Then, a lull before the end of the month bang again.

But I will be back. Starting this blog up again was a great thing for me and I am hoping that if I can get my writing skills back up to par, perhaps it will lead to something more.


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