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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Spring has Sprung

It has been a minute since I even had a moment to blog here. My efforts have been focused obviously on the other site, with pretty good results so far.

Spring is here (in case you didn't know it) and with it, time to get ready for warmer weather and everything else that Spring brings. Bright colors, cute new outfits, lip glosses, purses,'d think I was the ultimate girly-girl in reading that, right? LOL! I'm growing into my girlie-ness at the ripe ol' age of 30. I have to admit that the whole process of putting on make-up, cute high heel shoes, and getting my hair & nails "did" on a regular basis is getting to be kind of addictive. I found myself on the sephora website just the other day looking at all of the pretty lip glosses and skin lotions and potions that are a dream for Springtime.

There are just so many promises for this Spring! I am determined to get my finances in better order (at least I only owe family--although they can be worse than any bill collector when it comes to making sure they get their money back!). I keep saying 2008 is my year when it comes to all things Belle-Noir. So why not try and make it my year all around?

I have so many more focused and thought-out posts to get to. An update on Starks, and reminisce post, and so much more!

I think that I might actually be home this weekend (not having any money will do that for you). So I hope to get some posts up soon.

In the meantime...happy Spring! :)


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